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Meet the Apps4Ag database

The Apps4Ag database is developed by CTA and is an online collection of over 500 applications, which provides new ways to find and discover worldwide ICT innovations for agriculture. How can you make the most of this database on www.apps4ag.org?

Interested app users: register now!

With multiple filters, based on an agricultural value chain framework, finding the right innovation for your needs has never been this easy. Simply select the filter(s) according to your interests and the database shows all relevant innovations available.

You can also type a keyword to search across all the descriptions of the innovations in the database by using the search area, which appears when you click on the magnifier icon next to the website logo.

Once you click on an app card, in addition to the description given by the developers, you will get detailed information about:

  • Where in the agricultural value chain the app focusses on (Pre-production, Production, and Post-harvest).
  • The support of the extended agricultural services (Data & climate, Finance, Collaboration & networking).
  • The technologies used or needed to make the app work (Device categories, Operating systems, Content formats, Output channels, and Distribution channels)
  • The people (Audiences, Countries, and Languages)
  • The Business model of the app (Start-up capital and Revenue model)
  • Screen-capture and/or demonstrations videos of the app.

Once you feel yourself convinced by the app, use the links on the bottom of the app card to go to the app website or the app distribution channel or simply contact the app developer to know more. The Apps4Ag database also offers the opportunity to discover similar apps or other apps built by the same developer or company.

You can create a free user account, by clicking on the “REGISTER” link, on the right of the “LOGIN” link. Once registered, your email address will be used to receive the activation link, newsletters and updates. With a free user account, you have access to more functionalities of the database than non-registered user.

App developers: submit your application now!

As innovator, you need to activate the box “I am a developer” during registration to be allowed to submit app(s) to the database. You can enter the submission process by clicking the link “SUBMIT YOUR APP” on the right of the website menu.

Submitting an innovation to the database is a two-step process. Step one is the app description. This step allows the developers to give the name of their innovation and a description text; give a link to the website, or to a link to the market place, where the application can be downloaded; upload application logo and screenshots (up to three); and give a link of an online video (currently support only YouTube and Vimeo), either a demonstration or a promotional video.

It is important to think carefully about the description text before submission. The interest of database users depends on how attractive, concise and useful they found the description. Tip is to keep the text short and to mention in the first line a sentence stating its functionality and reasons why it has an added value for the user. 

Step two is to add the app’s details. This is where apps developers define the features of their app(s), based on an agricultural value chain framework. The available options give the opportunity to categorise an app by: agricultural value chain or service, support services, people, and technology.
By an accurate and relevant choice of the features, app developers now have the tool to specifically describe what the app is doing, how it can be used and by whom. The accuracy of the choices has a direct impact on the efficiency of the filters. Select only the features that match the actual stage of the app!

A moderating team from CTA reviews each new app to assess if the description and features meet reality. When an app meets moderating conditions, it becomes public and available on the database. App developers can get editing rights on its app(s) after verifications. The moderating team reviews and validates changes made to an existing app.

In addition to the app features, and to boost business opportunities with potential customers, partners or investors, a “Business model” section holds information on: start-up capital (seed money), current funding, and the revenue model (app monetisation).


For any information on the database contact team@apps4Ag.org.

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