TechTip: Infotoons

When it comes to managing livestock, many potentially valuable practical tips and tricks tend to be buried in professional literature. Getting this information across to smallholder farmers, many of whom are illiterate, remains one of the major stumbling blocks to the development of the agricultural sector in South Africa.

The Agricultural Resource Council (ARC) has found an ingenious way to overcome their clients’ reading difficulties – ‘Infotoons’, or information cartoons. The Infotoons convey basic agricultural principles and offer guidelines for farmers, novices and children with different reading abilities. The strips are available in various formats: on CD-ROM, which also offers additional information on crop and livestock production for commercial farmers, in book form, and on the ARC website.

The Infotoons are crisp and straightforward, explaining one subject at a time. Small livestock farmers can learn how to prepare fresh goat’s milk, for example, or how to slaughter their animals for meat. Other topics covered by the 40 Infotoons include chicken farming, the lifecycle of the beef tapeworm and the danger of rabies.

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20 December 2003

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