Young voices

Young Voices

Young people are critical to the future of the agriculture sector, the young voice rubric gives a glimpse on what some of the young people contribute to the sector.


FarmDrive, a win-win system

FarmDrive aims to promote access to credit and financial services for smallholder farmers. Banks remain to be won over, but the project is on track.


GODAN, a vanguard global partnership

Martin Parr explains how partnerships will shape open data approaches to support global efforts to make agricultural and nutrition data available for unrestricted use worldwide.   


Cloud Cover: A Favorable Forecast for Open Access in Agriculture

Cloud computing supports reaching the goals of open access in agriculture.   


“Aquacrop”, crop water productivity model 

Aquacrop is a crop water productivity model for agricultural research and stakeholders. By evaluating different parameters, it improves yields where water is scarce.  


VIVO and Agriprofiles: A tacit knowledge discovery tool

The amount of explicit knowledge available online related to agriculture is overwhelming. VIVO and Agriprofiles help to reuse and link this information more effectively.  



The complete package..

Computers for Schools Kenya does more than just give away old computers. For them training, education, partnerships and policy change are just as important. Sinc......

A problem shared..

Introducing technology to rural areas can be difficult. But networking and sharing ideas has provided solutions for one village in western Kenya, where a group o......

Making the village global..

The village of El Limon in the Dominican Republic has had wireless internet for almost 10 years. The network continues to expand and have a major impact on the e......

Logging the forest..

The Mbendjele Pygmies of the Republic of Congo are working together with an international logging company to help protect their forest environment. Using handhel......

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FEATURED Theme: Issue no. 73 - e-agriculture strategies

e-agriculture strategies: t.....

Many African countries have developed national e-governance, e-health and e-education strategies, yet many still lack an e-agriculture strategy. One exception is......

CARICOM’s e-agriculture str.....

CARICOM turns to ICTs to transform Caribbean agricultural production. ...

An ICT-triggered rural know.....

An ICT-triggered rural knowledge revolution in India is helping to break down the barriers that stand between localised rural economies and globalised markets....

A telecom operator in West.....

Orange helps to make mobile services available to farmers in Niger ...

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