Web 2.0 works both ways

Providing information to rural communities is a complex task. Farmers, for example, require content that covers many different areas – agricultural practices, weather and...


Q&A: Getting a fair share

‘Web 2.0 provides a great opportunity for NGOs to become even more intimate with their target audience.’ Andrew Keen, author and broadcaster.



Protecting the lions’ share..

Combining satellite and mobile phone technology with knowledge from nomadic herdsmen in Cameroon will help prevent conflict between livestock and predatory lions....

Hurricanes and Hams..

Jamaican amateur radio operators are serving their communities as extreme weather events – in particular hurricanes – increase in frequency across the Caribbean.......

From the web to the phone..

In Chile, the Mobile Information Project takes advantage of the growing ubiquity of mobile phones to deliver agricultural information from the web directly to far......

Logging the forest..

The Mbendjele Pygmies of the Republic of Congo are working together with an international logging company to help protect their forest environment. Using handhel......

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