Web 2.0 works both ways

Providing information to rural communities is a complex task. Farmers, for example, require content that covers many different areas – agricultural practices, weather and...


Q&A: Getting a fair share

‘Web 2.0 provides a great opportunity for NGOs to become even more intimate with their target audience.’ Andrew Keen, author and broadcaster.



Rapid response system..

An SMS service delivers quick answers to farmers’ climate questions...

Network support..

Over the past few decades, sugar and bananas were the most common agricultural products grown in the Caribbean. However, with the recent decline in these two se.....

The democracy of technology..

National ICT policies provide guidance on how a country promotes the development of the information and communications sector. Ideally, these policies ensure th.....

Community methodology..

 A study by the Kyoto: Think Global, Act Local project shows that using open source software for data collection can be cost-effective for forest communities....

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