Web 2.0 works both ways

Providing information to rural communities is a complex task. Farmers, for example, require content that covers many different areas – agricultural practices, weather and...


Q&A: Getting a fair share

‘Web 2.0 provides a great opportunity for NGOs to become even more intimate with their target audience.’ Andrew Keen, author and broadcaster.



Saving traditions..

The indigenous Ngalia people of Western Australia have adapted a wide variety of technologies in their fight to preserve their traditional knowledge and culture....

Escaping the rising sea..

Mangrove forests in the tropical and subtropical coastal areas harbour rich ecosystems and protect the coastlines from erosion and damage from storms. Their econ......

Direct data on demand..

A network of community knowledge workers (CKWs) in Uganda uses a suite of mobile applications to give farmers a broad range of information. The CKWs can provide f......

Water, soil and data..

A project in Swaziland uses remote sensing and GIS to identify irrigable farmland. The data are analysed to improve the efficiency of project management processes....

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