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Issue 79 Data Revolution for Agriculture

February 2015

Knowledge is a core input to agriculture, while data and information are the foundation of knowledge. Is agriculture making the most of the data revolution?

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Issue 78 Building resilience for family farming

September 2014

ICTs are transforming the lives of family farmers, giving them better access to information, markets, services and inputs, and making them more resilient to external shocks.

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Issue 77 Linking farmers to markets

May 2014

This issue of ICT Update explores how mobile applications have helped smallholder farmers in ACP countries improve their commercial farming practices and their access to information and markets.

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Issue 76 Mobile finance - next stop for agriculture

February 2014

Emerging innovations in mobile finance are revolutionising the agricultural value chain, giving farmers greater access to a range of financial services and reducing supply chain credit risk.

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Issue 75 ICT4Ag: Making it happen - post-conference issue

December 2013

The 2013 ICT4Ag conference in Rwanda was unique in that it brought together the ICT and agricultural sectors and generated a clear list of action points for the community. 

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Issue 74 ICT4Ag: setting the scene - pre-conference issue

October 2013

The 2013 ICT4Ag conference will be a key milestone in promoting the use of ICTs in the agricultural sector.

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Issue 73 e-agriculture strategies

August 2013

e-agriculture is a field of activity that uses modern information and communication tools to increase agricultural productivity and opens access to information relevant to agricultural research.

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Issue 72 Open access & open data

June 2013

Opening access to knowledge is affecting the world of agricultural information as much as any other field of research and development.

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Issue 71 Small Islands

April 2013

ICTs are transforming life in small island communities, bridging the gap created by geographic isolation. Improved ICT infrastructures, better and more widespread internet access, and high mobile...

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Issue 70 Agricultural research and ICTs

February 2013

As ICT technology continues to advance and become more pervasive thanks to falling prices, it is having a direct impact on the way in which agricultural researchers carry out their work.

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