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Issue 72 Open access & open data

June 2013

Opening access to knowledge is affecting the world of agricultural information as much as any other field of research and development.

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Issue 71 Small Islands

April 2013

ICTs are transforming life in small island communities, bridging the gap created by geographic isolation. Improved ICT infrastructures, better and more widespread internet access, and high mobile...

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Issue 70 Agricultural research and ICTs

February 2013

As ICT technology continues to advance and become more pervasive thanks to falling prices, it is having a direct impact on the way in which agricultural researchers carry out their work.

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Issue 69 Crowdsourcing and engagement

December 2012

Crowdsourcing is booming thanks to innovative technology and new developments. It is a new bottom-up approach to problem solving that is changing the face of the world.

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Issue 68 Women and ICTs

October 2012

Ten years ago, ICT Update published its first issue on gender and ICTs. Already back then, ICTs were transforming activities and services in support of improved agriculture and rural livelihoods.

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Issue 67 ICT innovation

August 2012

Development is taking on a new meaning in ACP nations. The combination of affordable cell phones, broadband internet and high levels of demand for devices is boosting the computer software and hardware industries in many countries.

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Issue 66 A future for telecentres

June 2012

There are many models for bringing ICTs to rural areas of ACP countries. Donor agencies and governments have invested in telecentres, small-scale entrepreneurs have established village internet cafes,...

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Issue 65 Youth and ICTs

April 2012

There are more than a billion people aged between 15 and 24 in the world, representing a significant proportion of the global population. More than 80% of them live in developing countries, where, in some cases, more than 50% are unemployed.

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Issue 64 Value chains

February 2012

ICTs are helping small-scale farmers along every step of the value chain. Computer software enables groups of farmers to manage their combined stock and organise into cooperatives.

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Issue 63 Adapting to climate change

December 2011

Farmers in ACP countries face increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, where late rains wash away newly planted seedlings or crops are scorched in dry soil before they are ready for harvesting.

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