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Issue 42 Indigenous knowledge

March 2008

Indigenous peoples all over the world are today using technology to record and protect their traditional knowledge and culture. Communities are gathering details on their environments and the available food sources.

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Issue 41 Wi-Fi

January 2008

Wi-Fi is being put to good use in some innovative projects in ACP countries. The flexibility, relatively low cost and the fact that several computers can operate on the same wireless network make this...

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Issue 40 Language technology

December 2007

For centuries humans have been using technology to communicate. From using drums to send messages to the next village, telegraph to reach neighbouring countries and radio to exchange words across oceans.

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Issue 39 Web 2.0

October 2007

The term web 2.0 covers such a wide range of applications, including blogs, mashups, wikis and feeds to social bookmarking, social networking and media sharing sites. Few people use all of these tools, but many use one or more.

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Issue 38 Refurbished computers

July 2007

Specialist charities and businesses, and increasingly computer manufacturers, are taking old computers and shipping them out to organizations in developing countries whose budgets do not stretch to the latest models.

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Issue 37 Podcasting

May 2007

Podcasting has been around since 2004 but it is still very much at the experimental stage when it comes to applying it to development efforts. In this issue we highlight some early initiatives from...

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Issue 36 Financial services

March 2007

Traditionally, the major banks have been reluctant to extend their services to rural communities in developing countries. It is simply not profitable enough for banks to set up branches in ‘the middle of nowhere’.

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Issue 35 Coping with Climate Change

December 2006

Developing countries will suffer far more from the impacts of global warming than the big polluters in Europe and North America. Soil erosion and desertification will affect ACP countries far more than Europe and North America.

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Issue 34 Film-making farmers

October 2006

In the last ten years, the prices of digital video cameras have dropped almost as sharply as those of mobile phones. This, together with the advent of cheap desktop video-editing software aimed at the...

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Issue 33 Urban Agriculture

August 2006

At some point over the course of 2005, notes urbanist Mike Davis in Planet of Slums, an investigation into the world’s poorest cities, the world’s population made the epochal shift from rural to predominantly urban.

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