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Issue 30 Precision Agriculture

January 2006

This issue of ICT Update focuses on precision farming, an advanced e-agriculture application that ICT experts are calling a true agricultural revolution. Still in its infancy, precision farming...

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Issue 29 WSIS-2

November 2005

For African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries sustainable agricultural and rural development is crucial in the efforts to eradicate poverty. Accordingly, the discussions of WSIS-2 should urgently...

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Issue 28 Access to natural resources

October 2005

At the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly held in Bamako, Mali, in April 2005, governments declared that ‘the development of agriculture remains an essential component of economic development...

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Issue 27 Participatory GIS

September 2005

Resource distribution, tenure and access are crucial factors in natural resources management. What they have in common is that they are spatially defined within broader social, economic and environmental...

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Issue 26 Traditional plants

July 2005

This issue of ICT Update takes a look at projects that combine new technologies with traditional knowledge to provide scientific credence to herbal medicines, find new markets for traditional plant...

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Issue 25 Information & Documentation

May 2005

This issue of ICT Update takes a look at some recent initiatives to bridge gaps in the dissemination of agricultural information. Two of the projects presented in this issue are using a combination...

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Issue 24 Invasive Species

March 2005

As the process of globalization gathers pace, information, people and commodities move around the world more freely. With them, intentionally or unintentionally, come species that move across ecosystems,...

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Issue 23 WSIS

January 2005

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) brings together governments, United Nations agencies, industry leaders, civil society and non-governmental organizations, and media representatives...

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Issue 22 Youth and ICTs

November 2004

For many rural youth, ICTs – mobile phones, video games, cash dispensers or Internet cafes – are associated with an urban lifestyle. This is one of the many reasons why young people in ACP countries...

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Issue 21 GenARDIS award-winning projects 2003

October 2004

This special issue of ICT Update features reports on the nine winning projects in the first round of the Gender for Agricultural and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) small grants fund.

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