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Issue 60: Rural ICT policy

ICT4D policy of Gambian government

The Government of The Gambia in response to the recognition that information, knowledge and technology in one form or another increasingly becoming the key drivers for socio-economic development world-wide, developed the nation's ICT4D (or NICI) Policy. Such an all-inclusive comprehensive ICT4D policy and strategies must be aimed at the implementation of initiatives that could contribute to addressing the key developmental challenges facing The Gambia. The Gambia in acknowledging the crucial developmental potentials of ICTs set its national ICT4D Policy Statement within the general framework of meeting in the short to medium term its PRSP goals and objectives and as well as the MDGs. The longer term vision is to use these technologies and its resources to substantially transform Gambia 's under-developed low-income agricultural-based, technologically and industrially weak economy into a high income information-rich and knowledge-based economy and society in the emerging information and knowledge age. View document.

23 May 2011

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