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Agritrade is an interactive website featuring daily news, expert opinions and policy briefs covering the latest developments in agricultural and fisheries trade issues in ACP countries.

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Agritrade is an interactive website featuring daily news, expert opinions and policy briefs covering the latest developments in agricultural and fisheries trade issues in ACP countries. The site is aimed at policy makers, agrifood businesses, farming and fishing communities and anyone involved in policy and value chain development. By registering with the site, users can customise which updates they receive and join the social networking feature to exchange ideas and information with other members.

Visit the Agritrade website at

The tabbed menu across the top lists the main subject areas: agriculture, fisheries, regions, publications and events. Mouse over each word to see the topics covered in each category. The agriculture category, for example, is divided into topics (such as ACP regional trade, market access, product differentiation, biofuels, climate change), commodities (including bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, dairy, poultry, sugar), and regions (ACP, EU, and global).

Click on the topic of interest, or the category heading, to see all the relevant articles from the site, plus, on the left side, a list of the topics. Check the boxes in the list to refine your search further. Clicking on the ‘events’ tab, on the homepage loads a new page with a calendar of events.
Recent additions to the site are also displayed on the homepage, including news and analysis, executive briefs, interviews, videos and a list of the site’s most read articles.

Register with the site to create a profile, connect with other members, and set your preferences to tailor the information you receive from the site. Members can access newsletters, custom news updates and news alerts. You can also create blogs and comment on any articles posted online.

On the homepage, enter your e-mail address in the ‘E-mail updates’ textbox on the right-hand side. Hit enter and the site will load a new page where you will be asked to fill in your full name, choose a username and password. As soon as you click ‘submit’, the site will send a confirmation e-mail with an activation link to your inbox. Open this e-mail and follow the instructions.
The first time that you log in to your account you will be asked to complete your profile with additional information about yourself, select your topics of interest and the frequency with which you want to receive personalised updates.

You can also add the URL of your Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and paste the web addresses of your blog or other web pages. Upload an image and choose the degree of visibility of your Agritrade profile to other community members. The more information you share within the community, the easier it will be for other members to find and communicate with you.

With the profile details completed, you can then choose the types of information you would like to receive from the site, and specify how often you would like to receive updates. You can also choose to sign up for the site’s regular agriculture and fisheries newsletters and news alerts. When you are satisfied with your choices, save your profile.

The next time you log in, the MyAgritrade page will load a personal news feed according to your list of subscriptions. On the right-hand side, the profile pictures and names of new members and others with interests similar to yours will be displayed.

You can send private messages to other members, or add them to your network. To do this, mouse over the member’s profile picture and click ‘view profile’, this will take you to their page in the community section. Click 'connect' or ‘send a message’. When you connect to another member, a link to that person will appear on the MyNetwork page and on your public page. You can use the MyNetwork page to remove members from your network.

On the right-hand side of the MyAgritrade homepage, you can also see the latest blog posts and recent comments from other community members.

To create your own blog, click the ‘blogs’ link in the MyAgritrade drop-down menu on the toolbar. Then click ‘create a blog’ to add text and images. The blog post will then be available to other members.

You can access the MyAgritrade section anytime from any page on the Agritrade site by clicking the link at the top right-hand side of the page.

Social media
Agritrade uses a variety of social media to post updates, relevant links and information.
Click the buttons on the site’s homepage to stay up to date with new additions on the site.

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15 February 2012

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