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December 2004


ACP-EU Update: Funding for the Information Society

Recently, in a communication to the WSIS Bureau, the EU expressed its opinion that ‘it is yet to be convinced as to the need for the creation of a separate Digital Solidar...


Q&A: ICTs as tools for rural development

Dr Cooke, ‘e-Agriculture’ features prominently in the WSIS Plan of Action adopted in Geneva, but it has been largely absent from the agendas of subsequent conferences and...



Network support..

Over the past few decades, sugar and bananas were the most common agricultural products grown in the Caribbean. However, with the recent decline in these two se.....

Window to the world..

The war in northern Uganda has driven thousands of people from their homes to live in camps. Now, after a lot of trial an error, BOSCO Uganda has brought the int......

Extending x-ray vision..

Using locally developed open source software, doctors in three rural hospitals in Mali can send digital copies of x-rays via the internet to the main city hospita......

Delivering an extra message..

Specially developed open source software enables a South African project to send millions of targeted health messages to mobile phones users across the country. ...

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