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October 2005


ACP-EU Update: Galileo and the ACP–EU cooperation

Galileo is a global satellite navigation system with a network of 30 satellites and ground stations under civilian control. Galileo, an initiative of the EU and the Europe...


Q&A: Computerized land registration systems

Professor van der Molen, you have considerable experience in supporting the process of computerizing land registration systems in developing countries. In Africa, the Afri...



From the web to the phone..

In Chile, the Mobile Information Project takes advantage of the growing ubiquity of mobile phones to deliver agricultural information from the web directly to far......

Increasing the flow of data..

GIS improves rainfall data collection and information services in West Africa...

Logging the forest..

The Mbendjele Pygmies of the Republic of Congo are working together with an international logging company to help protect their forest environment. Using handhel......

Saving traditions..

The indigenous Ngalia people of Western Australia have adapted a wide variety of technologies in their fight to preserve their traditional knowledge and culture....

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