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September 2005


ACP-EU Update: Galileo and the ACP–EU cooperation

Galileo is a global satellite navigation system with a network of 30 satellites and ground stations under civilian control. Galileo, an initiative of the EU and the Europe...


Q&A: Computerized land registration systems

Professor van der Molen, you have considerable experience in supporting the process of computerizing land registration systems in developing countries. In Africa, the Afri...



A social alliance..

Forest Connect works in 12 countries to link small-scale forestry enterprises, and helps them to gather and deliver information using ICTs....

Ready for new developments..

As internet coverage expands in Ghana, a project helps schools make the best use of the web and helps rural communities adapt to the technology....

Count on cell phones..

A project in South Africa supports mathematics education in schools using the web, social networking and mobile apps to deliver learning material directly to stud......

Adapting to risk..

Communities use GIS and GPS to assess climate risks in the Cook Islands...

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