ICTUpdate - a current awareness bulletin for ACP Agriculture

October 2011


Integrated approaches

‘Extension workers need to be part of a team that includes policy makers, researchers and communities.’ Myra Wopereis-Pura, director of knowledge at FARA


Extending the reach

‘ICTs bring agricultural extension and advisory services closer to farmers who often live far from the main information sources.’ Karin Nichterlein, research officer at the FAO.


Agricultural information exchange

ICTs can be very effective in delivering timely and applicable information to small-scale producers, even those living in remote areas.

Tech Talk

Social connections

‘It would be good if organisations could make more use of this crowd-sourcing tool to map out their work, especially in rural areas.’ Brenda Zulu, ICT journalist and blogger based in Zambia



News for the rest of us..

By drawing on web 2.0 tools to promote citizen journalism rabble.ca provides a template for others. This preview into the relaunch of the site shows that grassro......

Web 2.0 for low bandwidth..

What’s the difference between web 2.0 and the web as we previously knew it? Fundamentally, the technology underlying both is the same, web 2.0 just has a few e.....

Saving traditions..

The indigenous Ngalia people of Western Australia have adapted a wide variety of technologies in their fight to preserve their traditional knowledge and culture....

Count on cell phones..

A project in South Africa supports mathematics education in schools using the web, social networking and mobile apps to deliver learning material directly to stud......

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FEATURED Theme: Issue no. 77 - Linking farmers to markets

Five ways of engaging the y.....

Young peoples’ affinity with ICTs and their ability to innovate is the key to moving mAgriculture forward.  ...

Apps for small agri-busines.....

ICT applications are helping entrepreneurs in the Caribbean agricultural sector through every stage of the business cycle.  ...

Improving sales strategies.....

N’Kalo is helping farmers improve their sales strategies and increasing their profits.  ...

Unlocking the market ..

The use of mobile apps by smallholder farmers in Kenya has helped them to gain access to markets.  ...

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