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NUMÉRO 17: Regimes Fonciers


BHOOMI (Bhoo Dhakilegala Milige, or Land Record Shop) is an e-governance initiative of the government of India and UNDP to computerize the land records of 6.7 million landowners in 176 taluks (a group of villages organized for revenue purposes) in Karnataka. The records are stored in a database that may be accessed through touch-screen computers at village kiosks that look like phone booths. The kiosks are supervised by local land administration officials and can be used by farmers to requests for printouts of land records. BHOOMI is intended to facilitate the maintenance of land records, to provide for comprehensive scrutiny and to make land records tamper-proof. The system will be among the toughest to hack into, thanks to a unique fingerprint identification system, the Bio-Matrix Fingerprint Device, created by Compaq. The system works with user-friendly software developed by the National Informatics Center, Bangalore.


27 avril 2004

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