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August 2015

Young Voices

Dispatches from the Consom’Acteurs film festival

The first Consom’Acteurs film festival turned food and agriculture into popular topics of discussion among young people in Burkina Faso.  


Sustainable and scalable business models

Michael Elliott discusses different business models that can lead to success in the long term.  

Guest Editor

More than mobile

Cross-channel partnerships in ICT4Ag projects will deliver greater impact   


Video-based learning for rural communities

Rikin Gandhi and Aishwarya Pillai explain how video-based learning can encourage communities to be co-creators of knowledge and not just passive recipients.  


The web: a thing of the past, or here to stay?

Is the web an indispensable tool or an indispensable tool for the future of ICT4Ag?  


The creativity and passion of the private sector

The agricultural sector can make good use of the private sector’s creativity and passion.   


Government-supported e-extension

Grace Agili and Stephen Rono discuss the public sector’s efforts to introduce e-extension at the county level in Kenya.


The role of academic institutions

Academic institutions play a key role in addressing the challenges facing the agricultural  



PAHIS: Pacific animal healt.....

Sina Taulealo, veterinary officer in Samoa, only needs a CD-ROM to access comprehensive information on, for example, the distribution of the fowl pox virus th.....

The Pacific Islands Pest Li.....

Blessed with a favourable climate and, very importantly, a generally low level of pests and diseases, Pacific island countries such as Fiji, Samoa and Tonga p.....

Crop debugger..

The ICT services support team of the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) makes regular visits to the telecentres it operates in many rural.....

SARITA: land documents – di.....

Farmer Rai Singh Bhika Padvi and his neighbour are standing in line at the local office of the Stamps and Registration Department (SRD) in Warana Nagar, in th.....

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FEATURED Theme: Issue no. 79 - Data Revolution for Agriculture

Women in Tech: Rebuilding t.....

African libraries are goldmines in indigenous research and knowledge, but there is a gap how that knowledge is managed. How can open data bridge gaps between farm......

Data Revolution for Agricul.....

What does open data mean for agriculture? And why should people care about open data in agriculture and nutrition?  ...

Linking nutrition to the Da.....

How can we bring about a nutrition data revolution? convince  funders to  invest in data collection, storage, and promote accountability where public of......

Participatory data ..

Participatory 3D modelling is a community-based tool used by local communities. They decide what to do with the data as it is generated and used by the community......

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