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What is in the Apps4Ag database?

The Apps4Ag database has over 500 online and mobile applications and services for stakeholders in the food value chain. ICT Update gives you an insight what users from farmers, traders, researchers and decision-makers can find in the database.

The database will be updated and extended with new information and new innovations on a regular base. So, have a look and see if there is something useful in it for you?


Abalobi is a mobile app developer for traditional and small-scale fishers. It is a knowledge hub and data sharing platform. It also features navigational, weather prediction and SOS functionalities using mobile phone and VMS integration. Abalobi also developed a virtual and transparent market place available to fishers and retailers.

Main audience: Fishers Region: Africa / South Africa Language: English Website: http://abalobi.info

Agri ProFocus

Agri ProFocus is a platform that provides brokering services as well as an active online space for networking and exchange. It offers a space to highlight innovations and facilitates groups of local and international actors to jointly create solutions for farmer entrepreneurs.

Main audience: Farmers, Farmer Cooperatives, Agribusinesses, Non-Governmental Organisations Region: AfricaLanguage: English and French Website: http://agriprofocus.com


Agrivi cloud farm management software helps farmers to plan, monitor and analyse activities like tillage, planting, spraying, fertilisation, irrigation, and harvesting easily. All other activities are managed with a few clicks. It is powered by built-in agricultural knowledge base of best practice processes for 100+ crops and 500+ pests and diseases.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: www.agrivi.com

Agro App

Agro App allows agronomists to create and email paddock/field inspection reports whilst on the farm eliminating travel time to the office, reducing paper work and freeing up time to increase individual output per day. It works offline where mobile/cell coverage is limited, and it exports data in CSV format to accounting packages or excel spreadsheet.

Main audience: Field workers, extentionists, agronomists Region: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: www.eziapp.com.au/index. php/agro-app


CattleFax is a platform that shares information on, by, and for the beef industry. It is an information and analysis service designed to meet the unique needs of the beef industry. When it comes to providing stakeholders with the tools they need to make profitable decisions.

Main audience: Livestock farmers, AgribusinessesRegion: Americas: USA Language: EnglishWebsite: www.cattlefax.com

Climate FieldView

Climate FieldView offers a comprehensive, connected suite of digital agricultural tools to help farmers optimise resources and maximise yield. Using real-time and historical crop and weather data, Climate FieldView delivers customised insights that help you make important agronomic decisions with confidence.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: English and Portuguese Website: https://support.climate.com

Cropster Hub

Cropster Hub is an online platform for connecting green coffee sellers to specialty coffee roasters. On the platform coffee buyers can view a public offering list from each participating seller as a way to promote their coffees.

Main audience: Coffee Farmers and Coffee BuyersRegion: Africa, Asia, Americas Language: EnglishWebsite: www.cropster.com


CultivAPP is a mobile app designed to help agricultural professionals to effectively manage their farms. It records all activities carried out on the farm in real time. It helps access a comprehensive database, reliable and fully updated, on plant protection products and fertilizers. It supports direct communication channel with the different players in the sector.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: Europe: SpainLanguage: SpanishWebsite: www.cultivapp.com


DataWinners is an online, do-it-yourself mobile data collection service for organisations in the developing world.

Main audience: Farmer Cooperatives, Agribusinesses, Financial Institutes, Researchers, Governmental Institutes, Non-Governmental Organisations Region: Africa: Ethiopia, Senegal, Mozambique Language: English and French Website: www.datawinners.com

eFarmer Navigation

eFarmer navigation enables users to combine benefits from field records and tractor navigation. Users can further increase the efficiency of their farm business by using paid eFarmer farm management solutions such as team management and farm data analytics.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: https://efarmer.mobi


eGrowers is an outgrowers management system developed with the concept of aggregating information on events happening on a regular basis at organised smallholder farmers. All the information is captured with an aim of sharing it with stakeholders and conducting produce traceability for transparency on the production of the commodity.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: Africa: KenyaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: http://agriculturetechnologies.org


Ensibuuko is a mobile and web application that integrates SMS and mobile money services to enable saving and credit associations (and other financing organisations) to handle savings and make loans to smallholder farmers. The Ensibuuko system allows farmers to register and apply for loans using SMS, and save, receive and repay loans using mobile money.

Main audience: Financial Institutes, Farmers and Farmer Cooperatives Region: Africa: Uganda Language: EnglishWebsite: http://ensibuuko.com


E-Prod is a software package intended for SMEs in the agribusiness working closely with a substantial number of (small scale) farmers. E-Prod keeps track of several important areas of the business operations. Its unique features include full traceability, support for loans and repayments, full transparency of payment to farmers, collection and payment at group levels.

Main audience: Small and Medium AgribusinessesRegion: Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, UgandaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: www.eprod-solutions.com

Farm At Hand

Farm At Hand is a cloud-based farm management app that allows farmers to manage the entire farming operation from seed to sale anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone. It can automatically download reports (Fields, Planting, Spraying) for crop insurance, agronomists and market consultants.

Main audience: Farmers Region: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: www.farmathand.com


FarmDrive uses mobile phones, alternative data, and machine learning to close the critical data gap that prevents financial institutions from lending to creditworthy smallholder farmers.

Main audience: Farmers and Financial InstitutesRegion: Africa: KenyaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: https://farmdrive.co.ke


FarmForce has been created to help smallholders gain access to formal markets by using mobile technology to make traceability and compliance to food safety standards an integral part of smallholder production and to redefine the relationship between growers, manufacturers and markets.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: English, French, Spanish, PortugueseWebsite: www.farmforce.com


FARMIS is an app that manages farmers’ agricultural business online allowing them to quickly manage and evaluate their income and expenses. It does this with automated record keeping, market data and linkages, and access to credit services.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer Cooperatives Region: Africa: Kenya Language: English Website: www.farmis.co.ke


FieldLook makes use of all data to optimise yields from an office desktop or on a mobile device anywhere in the world. Farmers can compare crop performance on different fields or analyse one specific field’s production over the past years. Identify problem areas as soon as they emerge for timely damage mitigation.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: www.eleaf.com/?page_ id=3174

Freedom Fone

Freedom Fone is free software that creates interactive, voice-based communication services for organisations or bodies seeking to engage with communities across mobile networks. Freedom Fone uses voice menus to share information with any target audience, SMS polls to organise opinion surveys and callers can also leave voice and text messages on the service where call data records can be safely stored, organised and evaluated.

Main audience: Governmental Institutes, Non-Governmental Organisations, Agribusinesses Region: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: www.freedomfone.org


F-Track, is the complete on-the-go farm management app that lets multiple users record and access all their farm information live, wherever they want. It suits especially larger farms with managers and staff able to input data, keeping the most accurate farm book available.

Main audience: Farmers Region: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: www.ftracklive.com


GeoPoll is a mobile surveying platform that collects data directly through all mobile phone devices in developing countries. It conducts surveys via SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to collect data and information from remote or hard-to-reach populations. GeoPoll has a database of more than 200 million users that are indexed by age, gender, and location to collect information and improve feedback loops within a matter of days.

Main audience: Researchers, Enterprises, Governmental Institutions, Non-Governmental OrganisationsRegion: Africa and Asia Language: English Website: https://research. geopoll.com


GeoTraceability provides data collection tools, traceability systems, and on-line data hosting services. Data collection and traceability tools include GPS mapping, GIS technology, mobile phones and barcoding systems. The database is accessed using an on-line platform, whilst data collection and traceability tools work off-line and can be used in remote locations.

Main audience: Farmers, Farmer Cooperatives, Agribusinesses Region: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: https://geotraceability.com

GPS Field Area Measure

GPS Field Area Measure enables users to measure distances or area manually within the app or using GPS measurements. Users can make these selections using a satellite or map view, and they have the option to modify settings to their preferred linear and square measurement units.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lt.noframe. fieldsareameasure&hl=en_GB


iCow is a mobile phone based platform that enables livestock farmers increase their farming acumen, reduce risks, increase productivity and increase incomes. It does this by availing valuable agricultural content to farmers’ real time and cost effectively.

Main audience: Livestock farmers Region: Africa: Kenya Language: EnglishWebsite: www.icow.co.ke


Infonet-Biovision Information Platform is a web-based information platform that offers trainers, extension workers and farmers in East Africa a quick access to up-to-date and locally relevant information in order to optimise their livelihoods in a safe, effective, sustainable and ecologically sound way.

Main audience: Extentionists, Field workers, Farmers, TradersRegion: Africa: KenyaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: www.infonet-biovision.org


Insyt is an application from Esoko that helps users to deploy, collect, monitor and visualise data and impact through customised software development for Android and web, call centre surveys, and agent recruitment, training and management.

Main audience: Governmental Institutions, Non-Governmental Institutions and Enterprises Region: Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, GhanaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: www.esoko.com/insyt


Kryout is a technology that guarantees that the voices of humanity are captured and utilised in a manner that improves our planet. The user leaves a kryout via phone or mobile app and will be made available to the public. Relevant decision makers are notified of the Kryout and respond by leaving a Kryout.

Main audience: Farmers, Farmer Communities, Policy-makers Region: Africa: Nigeria Language: EnglishWebsite: www.kryout.com

Lôr Bouôr

Lôr Bouôr is an integrated Platform built to bring together actors in the agricultural value chain, a place for advice and promotion of modern agriculture, efficient and adapted to an increasingly digital world. It is also a virtual market, combining offers and demands for agricultural products with a management tool for farmer organisations and their partners.

Main audience: Farmers, Farmer Cooperatives, Agribusinesses, Traders Region: Africa: Cote d’Ivoire Language: FrenchWebsite: www.lorbouor.org


mAgri provides users with prices observatories, standards, guides for good practices, trade assistance, resources management, supply chain management, access to loans, and communication such as messaging, forum and alarms.

Main audience: FarmersRegion: Africa: Senegal Language: FrenchWebsite: http://magri.manobi.com


maxiFARM is an Android mobile app that calculates mixing ratios for livestock feed ingredients. Farmers can formulate their own livestock feed for any livestock using any suitable ingredients.

Main audience: Livestock farmers Region: Africa: Zimbabwe Language: EnglishWebsite: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalacuity. maxifeed


M-Farm is a transparency tool for farmers that enables farmers to inquire current market prices of different crops from different regions and/or specific markets; aggregates farmers needs/orders and connect them with farm input suppliers; enables farmers to sell collectively and connect them with a ready market.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: Africa: KenyaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: http://mfarm.co.ke


MLouma is a virtual agricultural hub that publishes real-time information on the price, location and availability of farm products. Farmers and buyers can receive updates via the internet, SMS notifications or even a call centre to quickly find out where to buy their products at the best price.

Main audience: Farmers and Food buyersRegion: Africa: Senegal Language: FrenchRegion: www.mlouma.com

Mobenzi Researcher

Mobenzi Researcher is a mobile application that assists researchers to gather data, either by entering text numbers or by answering a series of questions designed to meet the specific needs of the project using simple feature phones to high-end handsets. The information can be sent instantly to the project office or securely stored on the mobile phone until the researcher is back within the range of a cellular network.

Main audience: Researchers, Field Workers, Agronomists Region: AfricaLanguage: English Website: www.mobenzi.com/researcher/home


M-PESA is an innovative mobile transfer solution that enables customers to transfer money. It allows customers to send money using their mobile phone without requiring a bank account. Additionally, a customer does not need to be a subscriber on the provider’s network to receive cash.

Main audience: Farmers, Agribusinesses, TradersRegion: Africa: KenyaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: http://www.safaricom.co.ke/personal/m-pesa

Musoni System

The Musoni System is a cloud-based microfinance software service aimed at financial institutions looking to provide financial services to rural farmers. The Musoni System integrates with M-PESA and Airtel Money so its users can automatically receive mobile money payments. It includes its own SMS module for the automatic sending of payment reminders.

Main audience: Microfinance and Financial InstitutesRegion: Africa, AsiaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: http://musonisystem.com


MySmartFarm is a cloud software solution for farmer’s data and technology. It is designed for real-time ‘anywhere-access’, to empower farmers with scientific advice to optimise decision-making. It features GIS mapping, Remote sensing, Satellite monitoring, Weather forecast, Soil moisture graph, and Irrigation planning.

Main audience: Farmers and Farm cooperativesRegion: No specific region Language: EnglishWebsite: http://mysmart.farm


MyTraps and Trapping Insights functionality collects and visualises pest information from traps, to optimising the timing of pest control decisions, to accessing pest alerts, trend data, and more.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: Americas: USALanguage: EnglishWebsite: http://spensatech.com/mytraps.html


ojoVoz consists of an Android mobile app and a web application that allows a group to collaboratively create a dynamic, audiovisual documentation about common topics. By using the ojoVoz app, messages consisting of an image, a sound recording, tags and geographic information can be composed and uploaded to a shared website.

Main audience: Farmers, Researchers, Field Workers, ExtentionistsRegion: No specific region Language: English, Spanish, Catalan, Kiswahili Website: http://ojovoz.net


PayDunya is an intermediary that connects companies specialised in e-commerce with clients that are interested in paying for their products online. It has partnerships with mobile money operators, money transfer services and financial institutions that provide online payments both nationally and internationally. PayDunya’s service, Clic and Pay, allows merchants who do not have their own professional website to create a webshop on their platform.

Main audience: Agribusinesses and EntrepreneursRegion: Africa: Senegal Language: FrenchWebsite: https://developers. paydunya.com


The Plantwise app has been developed by the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) and helps farmers to find practical and safe advice for tackling crop problems. It gives a quick outline of how to recognise a crop problem, background information, and step-by-step instructions on how to manage the problem.

Main audience: FarmersRegion: Asia, Africa, Americas Language: English Website: www.plantwise.org

Rural eMarket

Rural eMarket is a multilingual (local languages can be added) and affordable tool for smallholder farmers to access market information.

Main audience: FarmersRegion: Africa: Madagascar Language: French, English, Malagacy Website: http://rural-emarket.com/en


SOKO+ is a digital commodity trading and information system, linking small scale farmers to end retailers/bulk purchasers of produce. SOKO+ provides commodity prices from major markets around the areas of operation and beyond, e-extension services and a listing of various technical and logistical support providers.

Main audience: Farmers, Retailers, Traders Region: Africa: Kenya Language: English Website: http://sokoplus. sokopepe.co.ke


TractorPal keeps inventory and maintenance records for all agriculture machines and attachments, including cars and trucks of all brands. As an available add-on, you can email these records to service dealers or potential buyers.

Main audience: Farmers Region: Americas: USALanguage: EnglishWebsite: http://tractorpal.com

Trade At Hand

Trade At Hand is an International Trade Center (ITC) service that aims at making innovative use of mobile phones by exporters from developing economies. It consists of Market Alerts, a web-to-SMS tool that enables Business Support Organisations to transmit business opportunities, contacts and market news to targeted business people.

Main audience: Traders and AgribusinessesRegion: Africa, Asia, Oceania Language: English and French Website: www.intracen.org/itc/exporters/trade-at-hand

Umati Capital

Umati Capital is a web and mobile app that replaces manual systems of recording procurement in supply chains, provides traders and business with full visibility within their supply chain, and digitises production data to enable Umati Capital to provide working capital to suppliers.

Main audience: Business, Financial Institutes, TradersRegion: Africa: KenyaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: www.umaticapital.com


Virtual City Collateral Management app is meant to track the quantities and qualities of the raw commodities delivered to buying centres by the farmers. The cloud-based service intends to automate the whole upstream supply chain and generate the relevant productivity reports across the value chain.

Main audience: Farmers and Traders Region: Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, UgandaLanguage: EnglishWebsite: www.virtualcity.co.ke


Vistaãr is a software application that helps farmers to get direct access to market or buyer information so that they can sell their crops at an optimum price. It offers market information to the farmers and centralises bids and offers. Farmers can sell perishable crops at fixed interval and avoid crop damages.

Main audience: Farmers and Farmer CooperativesRegion: Asia: Bangladesh Language: EnglishWebsite: www.grameen-intel.com/products/vistar


VOTO amplifies the voice of the under-heard. The mobile phone notification and survey platform removes the barriers to insightful mobile communication between citizens worldwide and the organisations that serve them. Users can send messages, build polls, and offer menu-driven call-in services to connect people to the information they need.

Main audience: Farmer Cooperatives, Enterprises, Governmental Institutes Region: AfricaLanguage: English and French Website: www.votomobile.org


WeFarm is a free peer-to-peer service that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet and without having to leave their farm. Farmers can ask questions on farming and receive crowd-sourced answers from other farmers around the world in minutes.

Main audience: Farmers Region: AfricaLanguage: English Website: https://wefarm.org

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In ICT Update and on websites as ICT4D, CTA has covered the explosive growth and proliferation of digital and mobile phone technologies for agriculture. Now CTA takes the next step with developing the Apps4Ag database, a comprehensive, up-to-date and responsive database of ICTs including mobile, web, animation, audio, and video applications involved in the food value chains.

A selection of interesting websites, online platforms and literature on web-based and mobile applications for agriculture in the context of developing countries.

The Apps4Ag database is developed by CTA and is an online collection of over 500 applications, which provides new ways to find and discover worldwide ICT innovations for agriculture. How can you make the most of this database on www.apps4ag.org?

The Apps4Ag database has over 500 online and mobile applications and services for stakeholders in the food value chain. ICT Update gives you an insight what users from farmers, traders, researchers and decision-makers can find in the database.

Investment in mobile agricultural services is likely to be most effective where the technology is integrated into specific systems and organisational routines that are developed by new or established local innovators. They are the drivers for developing new processes and new networks on the ground that promote scale efficiencies along the value chain.


A vibrant enabling environment is vital for creativity, stimulus and optimism on which ICT4Ag initiatives can generate impact. Developers and innovators have to learn from cases, either successful or not, when it comes to the environments or contexts where they have been deployed. There are four areas on which an enabling environment depends.


ICT4Ag models in the developing world are proliferating. Yet most players are not yet translating momentum into impact at scale. Despite the growth of opportunities, a very small proportion of the global ICT4Ag funding targets smallholder farmers in developing countries. Rethinking strategic approaches for ICT4Ag funding can change this.

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